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August, 2013

Fast & Naughty

By August 13, 2013 Other Blog Appearances, Shameless Self-Promotion

Hi Guys!

I’m stoked! My newest book, Being Their Baby, is doing very well and I’m #29 in Amazon’s Erotica Category at the moment (#737 in Kindle overall)! Whoot! Thanks so much for all your support, you guys! I really give my warmest thanks to everyone who’s bought that book!

Today, I’m over at Natasha Knight’s blog (Natasha Knight is amazingly awesome and a very talented author so I was so proud to be invited over to her blog) talking about how fun Being Their Baby was to write. Go come by and leave a comment!

Come To Natasha’s Blog!

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Being Their Baby by Korey Mae Johnson

By August 8, 2013 Korey's Books & Stories

Published: August 7, 2013

Book Length: 93,366 words


Born and raised in a broken home on the wrong side of town, Sophie spent her childhood fighting to keep a roof over her head, and at eighteen she was homeless and without a single person she could trust or admire… until she met Liz, Charlie, and Josh.

Though they are both deeply in love with Liz, Charlie and Josh know that something is lacking in their lives: a baby girl to cherish, care for, and, when necessary, discipline. When Sophie gets herself in trouble with the law and needs help and a place to stay, they soon discover that she is just what they have been missing and, more importantly, they can be the family she never had.

Almost before she knows what is happening, Sophie finds herself living a life she never would have imagined. She begins to realize that having a big, strong daddy, a strict but caring mommy, and a handsome, fun-loving uncle might not be a bad thing at all. As she adjusts to her new home and begins to show her feisty side, though, Sophie learns that when she is disobedient she will be punished.

Liz, Charlie, and Josh are fully prepared to keep Sophie in line, even if that means showing their baby girl that there are plenty of very embarrassing ways to discipline a young lady when she has been really naughty, and that if her behavior is bad enough, her blushing cheeks will more than match the color of her bright red, well-spanked bare bottom.

Publisher’s Note: Being Their Baby is a full-length erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, age play, elements of medical play and BDSM, and much more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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