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November, 2012

Kresley Cole Day

By November 27, 2012 Korey's Real Life

Alright, folks–it’s time to tune you all into my obsessions.

Can’t get a-hold of Korey today? She’s in her KC cocoon, reading this book and getting schooled on how to write all-time great sex scenes.

When a Kresley Cole book comes out, like it does today, I take that one day a year and I don’t do anything. Or I try not to. No, no–it’s just a day of me sitting on my sofa reading the newest KC book until until my eyes tire. When my eyes tire, I’ll just go right to my audio book version.

Afterwards, I’ll go into a depression and walk around the place, calling myself a total hack. After THAT, I will make outrageous claims that I will go and kick her ass book sale wise by writing the “Best Romance Novel ever made.” I’ve yet to do it, but I will, because I simply hate being embarrassed like this. She’s really, really good. And unfortunately, as I get  better… So does she! She needs to go on hiatus for a few years so I can play some serious catch-up.

Now, there’re barely any spankings in her books; barely any HINTS of it. So for a lot of you, maybe it wouldn’t be up your alley. For my own part, I can’t hold that against her. You see– nobody writes Alpha Males better than KC. Well, except future me. (I still have high hopes about be getting bit by a radioactive pen which will give me super-writing powers.)

That’s what’s happened the last couple of years, anyway (I didn’t know about her until Jan of 2011). This is my Third Annual Kresley Cole day (the date of the day moves every time she makes a release in the Immortals After Dark series, which I’m totally into). Needless to say, I’m so excited that if I was a cockerspaniel, I would have piddled on the floor a million times today already. I’ve been enthused since it was announced probably about six months ago.

This year’s book? Shadow’s Claim. Vampire assassins  Check. Demons? Check. Sorceri? Check. Millennial-old men, with all the vigor of their early thirties, chasing after a college-aged immortal? Check.

So, if you’ve read my books, you can see why I fell for HER books–they were right up my alley! I’ll probably post my comments on it after I’m done reading it and going through my post-book depression which will then spur my “I’m a hack!”  phase.

So, I’ll see you after I hatch from my KC cocoon  everyone. Until then… You should really check her out so I have someone to gush about the Immortals After Dark series with (although her other series ROCKED, too, but they’re completed…)

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Six-Sentence Sunday (November 11, 2012)

By November 11, 2012 Sneak Peeks

Another taster from my toils of the last week from the Medieval story I’m trying to finish up… No title yet! (Titles are hard, folks.):


Talus looked over at her, unable to shake his frustration at her rejection of him and also frustrated by how beautiful she was in that dress! All her life, he’d known her, and she’d never looked like that–she was a boy with woman’s hair before, one he could never lust for in a thousand years. Now that he had agreed to marry her cousin’s niece, she had decided to push those breasts up where he could see them and finally wore a dress that would show off those luscious hips!

He used to imagine taking Gwendolyn whimpering as he took her roughly from behind, and he wouldn’t care if she enjoyed it because she was so wicked out of the bedchamber… But now he looked at Wenda and wondered if he had made a poor choice, because right now Wenda looked like a temptress that he could take like an animal from behind, and she would merely turn her head back to him and cry, “More!”

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Strange Blessings and Finding the Love of My Life

By November 8, 2012 Domestic Discipline, Korey's Real Life

Four short years ago today, I got to marry the love of my life. He saw me coming down the aisle and didn’t turn and book it like he probably should have, but for my own part, I couldn’t be happier. He gets sexier every single damn year, and he becomes more and more of the cornerstone of my life every day. He’s not just a lover that fulfills my desires until I catch my breath, James is also my teacher, my confidant, my brother-in-our-faith, but he’s also my best friend. I couldn’t live without him.

As some of you already know, I met James over 5 years ago on when I wasn’t even looking for a long-term boyfriend. James just took my breath away. I had an unexplainably good feeling about him right away, enough that I told my career to go screw itself and moved all the way down to Texas to be with him. At the time I would just shrug and say, “Well, it’s the best thing I’ll ever do, or the stupidest.” But I knew then, with every bone in my body, that I was making the right decision.

I once was lamenting to my mother in law that God made me a Spanko. She was obliged to take offense at first, but here’s my reason that I was quick to give her: Being a spanko is not a blessing, not from a young age. To hide what you are for so many years is unbearable, to be ashamed of what you think, how you are, what you desire, for that many years, was miserable. I wondered why I was born this way, why I was this way. It was a hardship for me–I felt like being a Spanko was some sort of condition, like a disease  and I hated myself for it. I was humiliated for myself.

But when I met James, it felt like it all made sense. It was fate. I was meant to be “into spanking” because I was meant to be there for  James to IM me. It was the thing that hooked us together even though we grew up in separate states. It was the first foundation to our relationship–domestic discipline, with him in charge. We joke that we arranged our own marriage because we made so many decisions and moved in together not knowing much about each other, but knowing that we would grow to love each other, and that DD could work, and it would help bring us together and make us happy. And it worked.


I did fall in love with James, and then he fell in love with me, and spanking kept us from quarreling or making resenting each other. We lived and still live only to make each other proud and happy. We let ourselves like things that the other liked, sometimes with difficulty at first but then with sincerity. We share a love for the same foods, we have the same friends, we love quoting stupid movies every two seconds, we’re even  of the same faith now. We miss each other even when he has to go to work for the day.

Four years ago, I just remember thinking that I couldn’t be more in love with James than I was right at that moment. I was so, so wrong! I love him a bizillion times more now than I did then. I love going to sleep with him spooning behind me every night, and then he’s always the first thing I see when I roll over in the morning, and we say, “How blessed we are!”

Was it easy at first? No. It took a lot of nut-grabbing and fear-swallowing. We weren’t sure of ourselves, we were scared, we were afraid we’d look back on this whole thing and call ourselves stupid. But we overcame all of that and made it happen. Now I couldn’t imagine any life in any universe or at any time without him. I’m so grateful of everything in my life that sped me up, slowed me down, gave me grief or joy, anything that put me where I was: on the path to meet him.

But don’t let my mushiness put you off, because I’ll end with this: Thank God for making me a Spanko; it was the most painful part about me and now I see that it was the gift that would lead me to James better than any compass  It was been a wonderful, wonderful four years, and I’m looking forward to the next sixty.

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Six Sentence Sunday

By November 4, 2012 Sneak Peeks

I have officially decided to join the Six-Sentence fray. Since I can’t follow rules, it may or may not be six sentences–but I guess a paragraph or two sneak-peak will do ‘er.

Enjoy a snippet from my new Medieval romantic erotica, full of spanking and spice:

He found himself snapping his arm out and firmly capturing her chin in his hand. He was no gentle, he had to be hurting her face with his rough fingers and tight grip, but she stared straight on at him, unintimidated, even though he growled fiercely  “You listen here, Girl. That will not happen. You will not ruin the relationship we have; if it gets replaced by another, you will not like it. I would teach you to heel. I would pound you with my manhood until you couldn’t walk out of the bedchamber! It is not the life you want, it is not the life I want for you, and I can assure you that the life would be long. I am not an old man yet.” 

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