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December, 2010

Christmas Awakening by Korey Mae Johnson

By December 21, 2010 Korey's Books & Stories

Year Published: December 2010

Book Length: Five chapters / 22,235 words

Summary: Jo, since she was a teenager, only wanted one thing: Jack Fawkes. She wanted his body, she wanted his touch, she wanted everything about him… Until she discovered that Jack only viewed her as a kid. Heartbroken, she pulled away from him for years…

Jack always had a soft spot for Jo, which only got worse when she came back her freshman year in college. When he saw her then, she was no longer some ‘sister’-type. She was gorgeous and spell-binding. Too bad she hated his guts.

Finally, these fate-bound lovers get snowed in together for Christmas–will they get what they always wanted, or will their love for each other continue to be unrequited because of their stubbornness?

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