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October, 2009

A Post I Wrote In July & Never Posted… Whoops.

By October 31, 2009 Domestic Discipline, Korey's Real Life

Here’s something I wrote in Albuquerque but never posted…. Haha… Sorry about that. At least I was thinking of ya’ll!
Hello Folks!
I know ya’ll want to throw rocks at me for not posting for a few weeks. But I have excellent excuses. Number one—work’s been busy. Number two—I had to work construction on my condo, sell my house, and pack up to spend the summer in Albuquerque.
I’m in Albuquerque as we speak. Actually—that’s a lie. I’m on an airplane currently, flying away from Albuquerque to be in the wedding party of 2 weddings in 8 days. I’m going to be completely dished when I get home. I hate being that age when everyone is getting married…
I bet everyone’s wondering at this point if I’ve been good. No. No, I haven’t. It’s been a rough week for my rump, no doubt. And not because I’ve been doing a new exercise regimen.
It seems like—and I think I’ve mentioned this before—that I tend to go long stretches of not being spanked and then I go into stretches where I’m spanked all the time. I’m unfortunately in the later stretch. Which is why my “vacation” in Oregon might be more relaxing than you think.
So, when we moved into the furnished apartment here and James went through the drawers looking for a spanking instrument, just because he does stuff like that, and he pulled out the smallest, flattest little wooden stirring instrument you’ve ever seen in your life, I thought I was in for a pretty good summer. I had purposely forgotten the paddle at home, and this little wooden whatever was NOT going to take its place.
Sigh… If only. It didn’t seem too long before I was standing naked in the corner, getting a lecture for making sure another virus got onto my computer because I A) didn’t install a virus or spyware protector as advised and B) didn’t make backups of any of my files. If it was a worse virus, I would be in a very bad mood right now, indeed. C) looking at… questionable, shall we say, websites that allowed the virus to enter.
And so, after I was over-the-knee in a spanking that I felt was long enough— until my ass was quite red and worn out—I was begging him to at least put a “number figure” as to how many times he was going to spank me, to which he refused; saying he didn’t know how many it was going to take until he had “made his point clear”. He pulled out the spoon (the little wooden whatever from before).
So, he used it mostly on my sit spot, and I’m not going to talk about the sting it left—I like to think that any wood hitting flesh is going to sting (but not as much as the paddle—not by a long shot). What it did leave, that the paddle hadn’t, was this itch. This itchy pain that I’d heard about when folks describe “switching”. Not an itch like mosquito poison might give you, more like sharp pain that feels like it’s crawling around a particular area. Not very fun to walk or to sit on.
But, I thought the worst was over. Until James found on the Credit Card bill a $125 dollar charge for a product I use for work that I didn’t discuss it with him. And then the process began ALL over again. I realized why I was in this position, mind you. It’s because I didn’t discuss it with him on purpose. I didn’t hide it—I used our regular credit card, and figured he would see it some time, but something told me that he would make such an argument against paying over a hundred dollars for anything that it didn’t seem worth it to mention before the purchase.
This hurt James. He felt I did something “untrustworthy”, and he’s right. Why I didn’t think that I was going to get a spanking from it is beyond me. Or maybe I did know, and I thought it was worth it.
I’m getting to that stage where I forget occasionally how god-awful discipline spankings can be.
This time, he used the belt, but my memory had already come to me when he was pulling down my pants about how horrible the spanking was going to be. My body remembered before my mind—standing in the corner before the event, I slouched lowly as I heard him taking his belt out of the closet.
Now here’s an interesting note about the belt—I was scared of it. I mean, of course it hurt my bottom, but I was afraid that he was going to hit my vagina accidentally with it again, and THAT freaked me out! I kept on thinking how easy it would be, particularly given my position—on my back while he held my legs up high with one hand and was wielding the belt for another. I almost wish I had a metal thong that would protect my goods. Isn’t it funny how one bad experience can make me weary forever after?
Anyway, other than my spanking, (the second of which was so bad I couldn’t sit for the rest of the day. After the belting he focused on my “sit spot” and thighs), I meant to tell everyone that we’re going to see big changes coming up in ABCD Webmasters. Every site is going to get a fresh update?

of the sites?!
Yep—all of them. Have to. We’re moving to a new server that supports better software. We have 90 days from August 1st to get all the sites off one server and onto the better one. I’m excited about it, but it’s going to be a lot of hard work.
A few of the ones that will be updated are…

Bethany’s Woodshed (
Romantic Spankings
Spanking Romance (yes—a second update in a year. The second will be easier to read.)
Story Archive (
Spank Books
And 2 fully new sites
Isn’t it funny how 7 months ago I didn’t really know how to build a website, and now I maintain a slew of them and have to build a slew of them over the summer? Aye yay yai!

Why are you telling us about Bethany’s… Are you ADVERTISING?!
Yes. Sorry, it’s what I DO ALL DAY. And I don’t want to announce anything on the update blog until it’s been done, because I don’t know what problems I’ll have, and I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.
What I can’t get over is how damn lucky I am. How many people get to make spanking their work without having to bare their tush? Barely any women at all. I do my bliss….
By the way, I read a good Psychology Today article that gave me a good idea for a post. But you’ll get your ear-full AFTER the weddings, thank you very much!
Have a great July!
(Oct: 31: I know, I know. July. Sorry…)

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Where Have You Been, Young Lady?!

By October 31, 2009 Korey's Real Life

…Albuquerque. It was quite nice. I loved it, actually—I might just move there in a year or two. New Mexico really is the scha-nizzle.
And you had no computer in Albuquerque?!

It was really busy! I work 16 hours a day rather commonly, and remember, I work for Blushing Publications (ABCD Webmasters) and so I work around spanking all day, every day. Which makes me exceptionally lucky, but unfortunately, lately, when I’ve had some spare time, I normally pursue non-spanking activities. But now I’m back, back and bringing you all my spanking thoughts. I actually had quite a few. I’ve done much more thinking about the blog than I have been doing the blog. Of course, it’s been that way all along!
In short, I’ve been doing more brain-work for this blog than work-work.
Why has work been so darn busy?

The Spanking Story Archive has been 2 years behind at one point. I had to bring them up to date—which I just finished this Sunday. And I also run Spanking Romance. AND I’ve had to get the new store up and running. And it’s REALLY buggy right now. I mean, still aesthetically pleasing at it works, but there’s a problem with the download-expiration and the fact that it asks for your credit card number twice and that the checkout page template is funky… Awe, man oh man, oh man. It’s been tough. I’ve also been helping out with covers lately. Also, our customer service had gotten behind and we had to let someone go, and I tried to help pick up the slack until the new customer service rep, Tia, got situated. Now, they told me to “Stop doing Customer Service!” Which… Is sad. L
How’s the Spanking Diet?

I’m in my mid-140s now, instead of mid 150s. Which is GREAT. But my spanking diet has been working differently than how it works for others. The “Spanking Diet” for ME consists of me working so much I forget to eat lunch. Or Breakfast… Or both. Works wonders! I have been working out pretty regularly, though—no escaping that. Food journal—out the window. I haven’t touched it since I left for Albuquerque. It’s HARD to maintain a food journal!
James and I decided that we needed a resolution—I want to get to my goal-weight. The Weight of my dreams—130. So, James’ job is if I don’t work out when he’s at work EVERY WEEK DAY—I get spanked. No ifs, ands, or butts. J But I’ve been REALLY good about it so far. No spankings yet! Not for that at least.
..No Spankings this Summer, you said?
I never said that. I meant I hadn’t gotten a spanking for not working out yet. I have been getting fewer spankings… I got a small one just last week for “swearing in church”. (Which is a crock. “Ass” is totally PG now.) James said I can’t say “ass” in front of…
1. The Elderly
2. Church
3. The Pastor
4. His boss
But… It’s PG! I mean, at one point, “Shoot” was bad. We need to fade in with the times. Who’s on my side?!

You know, people were getting worried…
I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’ll do better. Much, much better. I have my next post almost written, in fact. So keep posted!

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